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I am Janice and I just want to introduce myself to you. I am originally from the Philippines but also have lived in the United States and I am currently living in Daejeon, South Korea. I am a digital marketer and I love to find creative and affordable ways to make life more enjoyable. In my Blog, I will focus on things like recipes and travel ideas that will help you maximize your fun while minimizing your budget. I really enjoy cooking and I have had the chance to pick up some amazing recipes during my travels, in addition, my husband is a Professor of Hospitality and conducts research related to food and travel trends as part of his job. We also love exploring the different areas we live in to find the best places to eat and the coolest things to do during our time off together. I believe that this provides me with a unique perspective and I can’t wait to share all of the things we’ve learned with you. If you enjoy food and travel and just living life to the fullest, but also have to watch your budget like me, this is the perfect blog for you. Please join me as I share my experiences living life one moment at a time!!!

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Hello, my name is Janice and I am a digital marketing specialist that was born in the Philippines, then moved to the United States, and now lives in Daejeon, South Korea. All of this traveling around has helped me learn how to make the most of my surroundings regardless of where I am. On this site, I will focus on showing you affordable ways to make your everyday life a little more fun.

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