My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants

Looking for a new place to eat in Daejeon, then read about my favorite Daejeon restaurants. It doesn’t matter what type of food you are looking for, chances are you will find it here on my list. In this article I will tell you about all of my favorite spots. My husband and I are both foodies and really do try to explore the local culinary scene wherever we live. In this article I will try to share some of the spots we have uncovered here in Daejeon.

Solpine – My Favorite Fine Dining Restaurant

Solpine International Restaurant

Sometimes you just want to spoil yourself right. Well, Solpine is my secret guilty pleasure when it comes to food. There really is no place like it anywhere else in Daejeon. And the best thing is, it is actually an affordable pleasure. Because it is part of Woosong University’s famous culinary school, the cost for a meal here is really quite reasonable.

The restaurant’s kitchen is run by Chef James Howe and he provides students with an opportunity to experience what life will be like if they pursue a career in international fine dining. It is a high pressure atmosphere that allows the students to really show off their culinary chops. Take a look at some of these pictures and you will see that the future of fine dining is alive and well here in Korea.

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants Solpine International Restaurant

To find Solpine, simply go to Woosong Tower on the University’s West Campus and take the elevator to the top floor. Yes the view is simply amazing, whether you go for lunch or dinner you will not be disappointed.

Daejeon City

For further information and to make reservations, click on the following link:

Team Cook- My Favorite Place For a Date Night

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Team Cook Restaurant

Looking for a great place to take a date, then look no further, try Team Cook restaurant. The food is amazing, the staff are fantastic and the atmosphere screams casual romantic evening. My husband and I had our first dinner date in Korea at Team Cook and never looked back. It has become a staple for any special occasion and one of our favorite places to go when we just need a break.

The dining room is perfectly set up with a ton of tables that make you feel like you are tucked away in your own personal culinary haven. Whether you sit by the beautiful front windows and quietly watch people stroll by or grab a table in the back and watch one of the black and white silent movies that are being projected onto the back wall, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Team Cook

Once seated you can choose from an array of Italian style dishes or steaks, My favorites are the Steak Risotto and the Spicy Chicken Pasta and Calzone. But as my husband will tell you, the real reason I love this place is the Ricotta Salad… OMG…. I mean really… could you make a better salad? My guess is no way… Its filled with greens, fruit and nuts topped with a tangy Balsamic Style Vinaigrette and a creamy, creamy Ricotta Cheese… I am in LOVE I tell you…. and sorry honey, in this case I am talking about the Salad!!! Can someone say YUM!!!

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 

For more information on the location and phone number click on the following link:

Vesta- Most Impressive Buffet

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Vesta Premium Buffet

If you are like me, you love a good buffet. So what makes a buffet great? Options… and for this reason, Vesta earns the spot for best buffet on my list. While my husband and I, love to frequent buffets here in Daejeon, the one that stood out was Vesta. The dining area is immense and filled with a variety of foods including seafood, steak, Chinese and many other international dishes.

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Vesta Premium Buffet

Are you a dessert lover? Then you will love Vesta, the dessert bar features tons of sweet options for you to try, there is even an espresso/gelato bar. Whatever your favorite thing about a buffet is, you will likely find it here. The food tastes great and looks even better. While yes there are cheaper options, none provide the combination of taste and selection that you will find here. For this reason Vesta is my choice for Best Buffet restaurant in Daejeon.

For more information click on the following link:

Hyeonam Ttukbang Grill- My Favorite Place to Eat Korean BBQ

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants Korean BBQ

So far, Hyeonam Ttukbang Grill is our favorite Korean Restaurant, the meat is out of this world as is the soup, but one challenge you must be able to overcome to enjoy this incredible food is timing. While the food is absolutely amazing, the hours of operation are very limited.

The restaurant is open Monday thru Saturday, but only from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and the last order must be in before 12:50 PM, For Dinner, the restaurant is open from 5 PM to 8:30 PM but the last order must be in by 7:30 PM. Additionally, they do not typically take reservations and there will definitely be a line at the door. It is first come first serve, so don’t be late.

All that being said, it is worth every bit of inconvenience, the food is exceptional and we highly recommend you try it. Because of the exceptional food, Hyeonam Ttukbang Grill makes this list as our favorite Korean BBQ restaurant in Daejeon.

For information regarding the location and phone number click on the following link:,0,0,0,dh

Burgiz- Favorite Burger Joint

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 

While I do not often crave a burger, my husband loves them… As a result, we have visited many of the burger joints located around Daejeon and for me the best by far is Burgiz. One of the challenges for burger lovers here in Korea is finding a burger that has crispy bacon and good caramelization. Too often the bacon served is more like ham than bacon. I am happy to say that is not a problem at Burgiz… The bacon is always crispy and the burger is beautifully caramelized.

Furthermore, the selection of Burgers is outstanding and even the fries are great. Try the Peperoni Fries for an interesting twist. Lastly, to be a great burger joint, you have to serve milkshakes, I am pretty sure that it is a rule and like everything else, their milkshakes are also great. For these reasons, Burgiz is my favorite place to grab a burger!

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Burger or Burgiz Restaurant

For more information click on the following link:

Rico Taco- My Favorite Mexican Cantina in Daejeon

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Rico Taco Mexican Restaurant

Looking for some authentic Tex-Mex? Look no further than Rico Taco. While there are a number of Mexican restaurants in the area, many feature a fusion of Korean and Mexican flavor… Rico Taco, however, stays true to the Tex-Mex taste that is so prevalent in the US.

While there are Mexican Restaurants in the Philippines, I really came to appreciate this amazing culinary fare while in the US. As a result, my favorite flavor profiles center around Tex-Mex rather than traditional Mexican cuisine. Let’s just say I like it spicy and leave it at that… hehehe.

While we had tried a few different Mexican style restaurants, Rico Taco has become our favorite and offers many of the dishes I am familiar with from my time in the US… For this reason, Rico Taco makes the list as my favorite place to grab a Taco in Daejeon!!!

Agra- My Favorite Spot to Eat Indian Food

Agra Video

Okay, so before I start, yes, I know Agra is a chain restaurant…There I said it… But hear me out… Have you tried their Tandoori Chicken… OH MY GOD… The amount of flavor they pack into this dish is simply amazing. While I typically love Tandoori Chicken anyway, none can claim to have this much flavor. Chain or no chain, Agra is impressive.

In addition to the flavor, Agra also has a gift for presentation. Check out the video above and you will see what I am talking about, Whether it is burning hay under the chicken or their Snowing Bread Dish which produces clouds around a mixture of fruits and salad served on a thin Naan with yogurt sauce, their gift for the dramatic is evident. Agra has it all and this is why it is my favorite place to enjoy a taste of India.

The Agra restaurant in Daejeon is located in the Shinsegae Outlet in Expo Plaza. For more information check out the following link:

Pho Bon Mua- My Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant

So prior to arriving in Korea, I was already a big fan of Vietnamese Cuisine and even worked for a short time at a fantastic Vietnamese Restaurant in Destin, Florida… When I say I would literally work for Pho, I mean it… There is really no measuring the lengths I would go to find a good bowl of this Vietnamese soup…

Thankfully my husband and I have stumbled upon Pho Bon Mua. It is a small Vietnamese restaurant located near Sky Road and if you are not paying attention you will probably walk right by it. If you do pay attention however, I promise you will be rewarded by some of the best Vietnamese flavors I have experienced since our arrival.

Vietnamese Pho

If you are looking for a great place to experience Vietnamese food, look no further. I know it is a small restaurant and the owner works by herself, but she is fast and friendly and boy can she cook, In addition to Pho, they have a variety of dishes from Bánh mì to a Vietnamese Dessert that was reminiscent of Filipino Halo Halo, Whatever your preference is, I am sure you will find it here and that is why Pho Bon Mua is my favorite place to eat Vietnamese food.

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants 
Pho Bun Mua Vietnamese food

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any website or Social Media account for the restaurant, but it is located along the river near Sky Road in between the Swiss Cheese Bridge and KFC. It may be hard to find but it is worth the effort.

Shamiat- My Favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant

Middle Eastern food

So, I only recently became familiar with Middle Eastern food, but I think it may have been a case of love at first bite. I really enjoy all of the bold flavors and grilled meats that are a foundation of this wonderful cuisine. Whether it is the long grain rice, hummus, falafels, or Kebabs, there is something about it that makes me feel good. After all, who doesn’t like grilled or roasted meats.

One of the things I had begun to mis while I have been in Korea was the ability to go to Middle Eastern restaurants and enjoy some of their classic foods. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Shamiat and now it has become a favorite place to satisfy my craving. While there are other Middle Eastern Restaurants in the area, for choice, quality of food and service, you just can’t beat Shamiat Restaurant and for that reason, it makes my list as my favorite place to find Middle Eastern Cuisine.

For more information click on the following link:

Middle eastern food

Sagarmatha- My Favorite Hidden Gem

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants
Nepali foods

Tired of all the usual places, looking for something new? We were and then my friends introduced us to this hidden gem. Sagarmatha is located just around the corner from the World Market in Daejeon and features the incredible flavors of Nepal.

Nepali food

Nepal is a country located between Tibet and India had has a unique flavor profile all its own. The restaurant features a number of dishes I was familiar with like Biryani, Tandoori Chicken and Naan, but also features other unique dishes like Chili Momo and Chop Suey, both are very delicious. In addition, the owners are beyond inviting and make you feel right at home. For these reasons, Sagarmatha makes our list for best hidden Gem in Daejeon.

For more information click on the following link:

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants Sagarmatha Restaurant

Goguryeo Master Craftsman- Best Bowl of Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken)

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants
Goguryeo Master Craftsman Restaurant

When I first arrived in Korea, my husband and I traveled to Seoul to do some sight seeing. One of his fellow Professors, met us there and he and his wife took us on a journey to explore the city. During our trip, they introduced us to Samgyetang otherwise know as Ginseng Chicken, one of Koreas most unique dishes.

I immediately fell in love with this dish and honestly can’t get enough of it. While we enjoyed the dish in Seoul, I struggled to find good options here in town, but eventually stumbled upon a local spot, Goguryeo Master Craftsman that literally only serves this dish. I have been hooked ever since. Although the restaurant we tried in Seoul was a Michelin Starred restaurant, for me no one can top the flavors I have found here in this humble establishment.

For this reason, Goguryeo Master Craftsman has made made my list as my favorite place to enjoy Samgyetang in Daejeon

For the phone number and address, see the following link:

Korean ginseng chicken

Mount Fuji- My Favorite Sushi Spot


While there are a a lot of Sushi restaurants all around Daejeon, there is one that my husband and I go to frequently. Mount Fuji Conveyor Belt Sushi in the Daejeon Bus Terminal. The combination of price and quality make this a must-try spot for any Sushi lover. They have an amazing selection and everything is always so incredibly fresh.

My favorites are the large rolls with Salmon and crab while my husband loves the salmon and onions. Whatever your favorite is, I am sure you will find it here or just ask and I bet they will make it. The staff are incredibly accommodating and great at recognizing who has come in. By now, they have gotten used to me and my husband and always send us our favorites within a few minutes. For this reason, Mount Fuji is our favorite place to eat Sushi in Daejeon.

Taehwawon- My Favorite Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Food

So one thing we had to learn when arriving in Korea is that American Chinese food is not very representative of the country’s cuisine. While Korea also has a few dishes that are popular at Chinese restaurants but are actually Korean in origin, the menus at the local restaurants here in Daejeon are much more authentic then we would see in the US. That being said, the food can be absolutely amazing.

That is the case with our favorite Chinese restaurant here in Daejeon Taehwawon. We discovered this place thanks to one of my husbands good friends from work. He and his wife actually introduces us to a couple of the restaurants on this list. This is one of those things you can do if you want to be able to make the most out of the places you live. Make friends and learn what the area has to offer.

So, Taehwawon is an upscale Chinese restaurant near Sky Road in Daejeon. The menu is rather extensive and they are quite popular so go early to avoid a wait. We typically get the Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Fried Rice, Pot Stickers and of course Jjajangmyeon which is my personal favorite. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find the best version of it here. For that reason Taehwawon made our list as our favorite place in Daejeon to eat Chinese food.

For information regarding the location and phone number click on the following link:

Tanghwakungfu Malatang- My Favorite Spicy Malatang

My Favorite Daejeon Restaurants

Speaking of Chinese food, Malatang, or Spicy Chinese Hot Pot, has become very popular in Korea and is one of my personal favorites. I was introduced to this dish while living in Columbia South Carolina by one of my favorite people. She was actually the first person to introduce us to authentic Chinese cuisine.

Today, Malatang is one of my go to meals and my favorite spot to get some is Tanghwakungfu Malatang near Woosong West Campus in Daejeon. If you love a spicy broth, this is the place for you. They also make an amazing Chinese scallion pancake that is great for dipping. While there are a lot of places to try this dish, this has become my favorite. The staff are amazingly helpful, the restaurant is always spotless and the Ingredients are always kept well stocked. For this reason Tanghwakungfu Malatang is my favorite place to eat spicy Chinese Hot Pot!!!

For more information click on the following link:

Malatang or Hot pot


Well thank you for reading about my favorite places to eat in Daejeon. What are your favorite places to eat in where you live? One of the ways I make the places I live in more enjoyable is to explore the culinary scene they have to offer. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is bound to be someplace that is special and boy is it fun tracking it down. Now that I have finished telling you about my favorites, tell me about yours in the comment section below. I can’t wait to hear all about your culinary experiences.

Thanks again for following me and if you like the article please comment in the section below, hit the applause button and enter your email to follow me,,, Thanks Again and enjoy your week “Living Life One Moment at a Time!”

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