Korea’s Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Tired of the same old couple holidays? Looking for a new way to be more romantic? Then this is the article for you. Read about “Korea’s Romantic 14th Day Holidays” that take place on the 14th day of every month. I know everyone is aware of Valentine’s Day, but here in Korea, there is a Valentine type couples holiday for every month of the year. Keep reading to learn more about this unique Korean tradition that is quickly gaining popularity.

For more information check out the following link: https://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/HonoraryReporters/view?articleId=200941#:~:text=14%3A%20Valentine’s%20Day.,to%20make%20their%20own%20treats.

January 14th- Diary Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Yes, even in January, at the start of the new year, there is a holiday designed just for couples. So what does a new couple need to begin the new year together properly? A Diary or Journal, that what… Wait a minute, why would you need a diary or journal? Isn’t that rather personal, a place to record secrets that only you know about? Not in Korea…

For this holiday, couples and sometimes even friends give each other a diary or journal so they can keep track of their significant others important dates. You know, like Birthdays, Important Anniversaries, Family Gatherings, that kind of thing. That way you can be sure your partner doesn’t forget abut any important dates, and that they have a place to document all of the new memories you are bound to make together.

February 14th- Valentine’s Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

So everyone knows about this holiday right? Wrong… Here in Korea, the Ladies are not the recipients of the heart shaped gifts that are so popular around the world, here they are the givers… In Korea, it is traditional for the Lady to give her Gentleman a gift… What? Are you serious… Absolutely, but fret not Ladies, your time is coming…

Valentines day is not just a one day celebration, but is instead celebrated in three parts so everyone can participate. The first part is Valentine’s Day and is traditionally a time for presenting gifts to the men in your life or the men you want to be in your life. The next holiday takes place on March 14th… Keep reading to learn more…

March 14th- White Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

On White Day, it is the ladies that finally receive their gifts… On this day, the Gentlemen are expected to pay back their Lady friends with interest… If a Gentleman receives a gift, he should, in turn, purchase a gift that is three times more valuable!!!!

That’s right Ladies, three times more valuable, typically the gifts will including Candy or Chocolates as well as Flowers and the gift should have a white theme of some sort. Okay, so we have a day where the Gentlemen receive a gift, another where the Ladies are the recipients, so what is this third holiday… Who gets a gift next?… Keep reading to find out…

April 14th- Black Day

Jjajangmyeon Noodles with black bean sauce

So, in a lot of countries, if you are single on Valentine’s Day, it can be a depressing time of year, but here in Korea, even if you are single there is something to look forward to… Jjajangmyeon!!! What is Jjajangmyeon? It is an absolutely delicious dish commonly found in Chinese Restaurants all around Korea.

Oh… I get it, when I lived in the US, people typically go to a Chinese Restaurant to eat on holidays if they don’t have family to share them with because they are often the only places open… it’s kind of the same thing here… No boyfriend or girlfriend, go get Chinese…

Uh…. No… Here in Korea, people, particularly women, are often looked down upon if they are not dating anyone… But, as Bob Dylan once said… “The times… They are a Changing!!!

Today, in a show of independence, Ladies all around Korea take the time to celebrate their independence by sharing a Big Bowl of Jjajangmyeon or Black Bean Sauce served over Noodles to show that they don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

While this is a holiday to celebrate one’s independence, if you see someone else enjoying a bowl of Jjajangmyeon, maybe you could celebrate together, and who knows… Maybe next year you can celebrate a month or two early… hehehe

May 14th- Rose Day (Yellow Day)

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

If you are in a relationship in Korea, it is important to be employed because it can get expensive with all of these holidays… Think you are safe now that Valentine’s Day is over? Think again… May 14th is Rose Day and those couples that are still in relationships, dress in Yellow and buy each other Roses to show their affection…

If you are single, you can skip the rose and Yellow outfit, but the good news is Yellow Curry is the dish of the day… Just like Black Day, Independent Singles all around Korea have an excuse to dine in style with a dish of Yellow Curry that they hope will add some spice to their love life!!!!

June 14th- Kiss Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Well, if you have a significant other or just have a crush on someone, this is the day to give them a Big Ol’ Smooch… Kiss Day works just how you would expect… If you find someone you like… Pucker up and give it a try…

This holiday certainly reminds me of the origins of Valentine’s Day back in the US… A postcard company that shall remain nameless found themselves in decline as postcard sales fell out of favor with the general public… to improve their luck, the company began to sell greeting cards for Valentine’s Day and just like that a new holiday tradition was born… Capitalism at its best…

Here in Korea, it is the lip gloss and breath mint companies that heavily promote this lesser known holiday and so far… their plan is working…

July 14th- Silver Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

On this day, if all has gone well. couples can present silver promise rings to one another… This is typically done in time for them to meet each others parents… perhaps on Constitution Day which is around the same time…

August 14th- Green Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Love taking walks in the park with your significant other… Looking to find an excuse to drink a little Soju… Trying to find some alone time… then Green Day is for you… Whether the name comes from taking a walk in the woods or drinking that magical Korean Elixir better know as Soju, Green Day has become quite the popular holiday, especially for young couples looking for an excuse to spend some time alone…

September 14th- Photo Day or Music Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Two of the most popular activities in Korea are taking pictures and singing Karaoke… This holiday provides a little needed excuse to take part in either or both. Walk around any city in Korea and you are bound to find places that offer gimmick photos…

When I worked in the US, my company provided a gimmick photo booth at our annual company Christmas Party and it was probably the most popular thing we did that evening… Nothing like having photographic evidence of a long night of drinking…

Here in Korea, these photo shops are everywhere and offer funny hats and other accessories to make all of your photos fun and memorable… Find any place that young people hang out and you will find a bunch of these and goofy people waiting outside. There are very few more popular activities when you are hanging out with friends in Korea.

One activity that may rival that popularity is visiting a Noraebang or Karaoke Room… After all, aren’t we all just waiting to be discovered for our musical genius? I know back in the Philippines and even in the US, there were few activities that my Filipino friends enjoyed more than showing off their musical ability in front of others.

Here in Korea, it has become a “Must-Do” activity when heading out for an evening with your friends. On September 14th it is actually required… and don’t forget to take a picture… hehehe… Someone will eventually need photographic evidence of what actually occurred that night.

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

October 14th- Wine Day (Yippee)

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Okay, so maybe this holiday every month is not such a bad thing right… You had me at Wine Day… A holiday dedicated to that wonderful beverage… OMG… I’m in!!!!

So, like many of the other couple holidays… this one works for both singles and those of us in a relationship… If you have a significant other, you should go out and have a nice romantic dinner with your partner, enjoying a glass (or two or three… hehehe) of wine together.

If you are single, crack open a bottle and again, celebrate your independence or drown your sorrows, whichever may be more appropriate depending on your point of view…. Yep… this is my kinda holiday!!!

November 14th- Movie Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Did I say Movie Day? If you are like us, this could be everyday in our house… If you live in Korea and have tried to go to the movie theater in November and couldn’t find a ticket, chances are it was the 14th- Movie Day… When couples all around the peninsula go to the Movies with their significant other…

Can’t get a ticket, then rent a movie and watch from the comfort of home… whatever your plans, movie day is a great excuse to check out the latest flick and for me… Enjoy a much deserved container of Movie Popcorn… My favorite!!!

For Movie times and theaters in Daejeon, check out the following link: https://cineinkorea.com/movie/theaters.php?area_code=03&area2_code=0305&ckattempt=3

December 14th- Hug Day

Korea's Romantic 14th Day Holidays

Yes, I know… it’s Christmas time and money is probably pretty tight… If you live in the US, Christmas can get to be incredibly expensive and God forbid there is another holiday you need to spend money on… I know, my Birthday is around this time and while he never says anything, I know it stresses out my husband… He always wants to do something special and over the top, but boy is it hard after all of the expenses of the Christmas holiday!!!

Thankfully, this is one couples holiday that won’t break the bank… In fact, if you are feeling a little stressed out as many of us are this time of year, Hug Day couldn’t come at a better time. After all, what feels better than a hug from your significant other…


Well that does it for the article “Korea’s Romantic 14th Day Holidays”… I hope you enjoyed it, and if you are like me and are just learning about this cool way to celebrate, I hope it provides you with some new ways to keep the romance alive for you and that all-important person that you love.

This is one of the best things about living in a new place… finding out about all of the cool traditions and incorporating the ones you love into your everyday life… For me, it’s the best way to “Live life One Moment at a Time!!!!”

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