Daytripping to Jeonju, South Korea

Looking for a great place to go for a day trip while you are in Korea? Then check out my newest article “Daytripping to Jeonju, South Korea”. What a great place to spend an afternoon. It is easy to get to by bus or train and is famous for both its historic sites as well as its culinary traditions. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing city

Daytripping in Korea

Jeonju, South Korea

One of the best things about living in Korea is the ability to take these amazing day trips. Whether you have moved here or are just visiting, make sure to set aside time to explore all of the interesting sights Korea has to offer. With its impressive public transit system, it is pretty easy to get to where you want to go, whether you have your own transportation (automobile) or not. The transit system is even pet friendly if you know the rules

About Jeonju

Jeonju, South Korea

Jeonju is the capital city of Jeollabuk-do. Jeolla is one of the eight province of South Korea. Jeollabuk is the northern part of the province. Jeonju was once considered to be the spiritual capital of the Joseon Dynasty and today, history plays a significant role regarding the attraction of visitors.

In addition, Jeonju is known as the “Taste City” and was designated a UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2012. Jeonju is famous for its Bibimbap, as well as its farm to table approach to food. The city also hosts numerous food festivals throughout the year so keep an eye out before you visit to maximize you culinary options.

What We Did

Jeonju-si coffee shop

We started off our little trip to Jeonju by sharing a coffee with an old friend from Daejeon. We met at an amazing little café Color in Coffee, not far from Jeonju University. That part of the city was quite peaceful and had an almost European feel according to my husband. The coffee shops owner was really friendly and it was a great way to start our little trip

Jeonju, Hanok Village

While the food scene is fantastic in Jeonju, for me, the best place to start was the traditional Hanok Village. It is a great opportunity to check out what life was like back in historical Korea. The village features more than 700 Hanok buildings and is the largest such village in Korea.

Jeonju Coffee shop

It was really fun checking out all of the local shops in the village for souvenirs. We found some great items including this cool hat (see picture above). We also tried some amazing food. My absolute favorites were the Choco pies from PNB Bakery. The Choco Pie is similar to the US Moon Pie but instead of the graham cracker center, it is made of cake and often has a hint of Jam or Berry in the middle. They can come in a really wide variety of flavors. Can you say “Yum”, I Loved the vanilla ones myself!!!

Jeonju-si, South Korea

After our walk through the village, we came upon the historical Jeondong Cathedral. This amazing example of Roman-Byzantine style architecture was built between 1908 and 1914. The building is considered to be among the most beautiful in all of Korea and it is rumored that some of the bricks used in its construction came from the Jeonjueupseong Walled Town, which was torn down by the Japanese during their brutal occupation. It is a must see for those who love classic architecture.

Jeonju, South Korea

What trip in Korea would be complete without multiple stops in the amazing local cafes. We ended our day trip with a stop at Masirange. The second floor overlooks the Hanok Village and it is a great place to take some instagrammable photos.

Jeonju, South Korea

Never Enough Time

While there are soooo many things to do in Jeonju that we didn’t have time for, I hope this article gives you some ideas on where to start. I only wish I had time for a few more visits, I would love to see the Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Pungnammun Gate, as well as Deokjin and Wansan Parks just to name a few. Well, maybe next time.

In Conclusion

All in all, this was a great way to spend the day here in Korea… Not only did we get to explore a part of Korea we had yet to see., but we also got some great food and great pictures in the process. When it comes to finding ways to make those everyday moments more fun, taking a day trip and exploring is certainly at the top of my list.. Well that’s it for now…

I hope you enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to hear in the comments about your day trips wherever you live… After all, it doesn’t matter where you live when finding the best ways “To live Life One Moment at a Time!”

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