Janice’s Recipes

In this section I will provide some of my favorite recipes. One of the best ways to live life to its fullest is to enjoy amazing foods. While I love to go to great restaurants, who can afford to do that all the time. But that does not mean you should have to just make due and eat bland food on those days when you are too busy to go or are just trying to save a few dollars. Of course not. So in this section, I have added some of the recipes I have learned while traveling to provide you with some options. I hope you like it and I will look forward to your comments.

Latest from the Blog

  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

    Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

    Check out my recipe for “Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango” and let your taste buds take a trip to Southeast Asia for a tasty authentic Thai treat everyone will love Read more

  • Thai Inspired Beef Salad (Yum Nua)

    Thai Inspired Beef Salad (Yum Nua)

    Trying to eat more healthy food? Check out my “Thai Inspired Beef Salad” for a spicy citrus flavored healthy meal that will have all your friends talking!!! Read more

  • Bibimguksu-Korean Cold Noodles

    Bibimguksu-Korean Cold Noodles

    Check out my Korean Cold Noodles recipe. It puts a unique twist on everyday items to create a very original side dish that all of your friends will love!! Read more